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For customer service companies, contact center workforce management software, or WFM, is a strategic need rather than merely an operational requirement. It includes an extensive range of techniques and procedures designed to match the available labor force to client demand as effectively and efficiently as feasible.
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This means projecting client encounters, carefully assigning agents with the necessary training, monitoring constantly and adjusting in real-time, and using past data to improve performance continuously. The modern corporate environment is full of constant change.

Thus, contact center workforce management optimization is crucial. It is the key to providing unmatched client experiences and boosting operational effectiveness.

Therefore, we are excited to offer our unique workforce management software solutions, which are specifically designed to meet the needs of contact center workforce management like yours.
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Our toolset is prepared to meet and surpass your needs, whether you're anticipating client encounters or fine-tuning agent schedules.

With our top workforce management software solutions, you can confidently and skillfully handle the details of contemporary customer service, ensuring that your contact center workforce management software continues to be the industry standard for excellence.
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Particular Hosted Systems for Call Centers

At 110 Global LLC, we have a thorough understanding of the complex challenges that contact center workplace management software faces, from effectively managing a varied staff to satisfying consumers’ ever-changing needs.

For addressing these issues and improving operational effectiveness, our workforce management software is the ideal choice. Let’s explore how its many features may dramatically improve your contact center workforce management’s performance. Demand Forecasting is a fundamental feature of our WFM program.

A thorough examination of past data, trends, and seasonal patterns enables call center workforce management software to predict the number of upcoming consumer interactions, including chats, emails, and phone calls. This kind of planning is essential to guaranteeing the correct quantity of employees and resource distribution.

Moreover, Agent Scheduling inside our top workforce management software represents a careful procedure where specialists design timetables that smoothly match expected demand.

This entails carefully allocating agents to designated shifts, taking into account their abilities and preferences, and guaranteeing complete coverage, especially during periods of high activity.

Call center workforce management software can maximize productivity and customer happiness by matching personnel numbers to projected demand.

Efficient Workforce Management for Contact Centers of Any Size


Demand Forecasting

In workforce management solutions, resource allocation is a deliberate undertaking with the goal of obtaining the best possible resource deployment.
Offering the best workplace management software, we aim to determine the optimal number of agents with the necessary competencies, ensuring that their accessibility corresponds with client needs.


Agent Scheduling

This procedure entails careful planning and balance to improve operational efficiency and minimize the hazards related to overstaffing and understaffing. Workforce optimization, a vital component of the top workforce management software, involves a comprehensive strategy for improving worker dynamics.


Resource Allocation

The main goal is to optimize processes in a way that not only satisfies customer service standards but also does it as cheaply and efficiently as possible. By optimizing worker deployment tactics, companies may save costs without sacrificing service quality requirements.


Workforce Optimization

This involves doing a complete inspection of employee needs in relation to variations in demand, enabling preemptive changes to guarantee the best possible use of resources.


Performance Analytics

The best workplace management software plays a critical role in improving operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction, as seen by its emphasis on labor efficiency and resource allocation.


Performance Analytics

Organizations can attain sustainable development while reducing needless expenses by implementing strategic planning and responding quickly to changing needs.

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Affordable and Feature-Rich Contact Center Solutions

Performance analytics is the process of continuously analyzing past data and performance measurements to identify areas for improvement. This procedure includes evaluating call center workplace management software operational effectiveness, customer happiness, and agent efficacy

Drawing on our vast three-decade experience in the contact center workplace management software industry, we provide a range of feature-rich, easy-to-use, and securely hosted workforce management solutions. These solutions are customized to meet the requirements of contact centers, regardless of their size.

We are dedicated to providing these solutions at an affordable price because we believe that reasonable workforce management solutions should be free of a significant cash outlay. With our range of solutions, you can optimize your contact center’s performance without going over budget, ensuring long-term development and success.

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When it comes to labor management solutions, Global 110 LLC is an example of the best workplace management software. We provide feature-rich, user-friendly, secure hosted solutions for contact centers of all sizes and are dedicated to quality.

Our platform, intended to improve efficiency and streamline operations, combines technology with industry knowledge. Since we at Global 110 LLC are aware of the constantly changing needs of contemporary contact centers, our solutions are designed to accommodate new demands easily.

Whether you run a major corporation or a small business, our solutions are affordable and tailored to meet your requirements. In an increasingly digital world, our secure hosting guarantees data integrity and confidentiality, giving you peace of mind.

By utilizing our employee management solutions, organizations may enhance customer service, optimize resource allocation, and propel organizational success.

Enable your contact center to prosper in the current competitive industry by embracing personnel management that is efficient, dependable, and reasonably priced with Global 110 LLC as your partner. Contact us now to get the best workforce management software possible.

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Plans and Pricing

Forecasting Only

Get access to Plan Xpress, our full-service forecasting tool
$ 199 Monthly
  • Accommodates 10 years of history + forecast horizon
  • Forecast using history, or sales install base
  • Adjust forecasts at the 30 minute interval level
  • Forecast Accuracy analysis
  • Proprietary algorithm

Scheduling Only

Get access to schedule palette, our full-service scheduling solution
$ 119 Monthly
  • Create desired schedule templates
  • Generate schedules automatically
  • Track off-phone agent time and exceptions
  • Export CSV file for payroll

Forecasting & Scheduling

$ 320 Monthly
  • Enjoy unlimited access to both flagship solutions Plan Xpress
  • and
  • Schedule Palette and earn incredible savings

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